Engineered Systems – FX Series


Name Description Last Updated
FX Conventional: Battery Faults This technical bulletin informs you of an issue with FX Conventional fire alarm control units and tells you how to resolve it. 03/29/2018
FX Panel: Loop Card Fault and Loop Fault Troubleshooting Common causes of loop card fault and loop faults with associated diagnostic process. 12/04/2017
CO detector interface to Kidde FX addressable system Interfacing a 4-wire conventional carbon monoxide detector with an addressable input module 10/16/2017
Booster power supplies - Kidde FX addressble system Activating booster power supplies with addressable output module 10/16/2017
Sounder bases - Kidde FX addressable system Sounder base wiring and functionality 10/16/2017
Elevator recall - Kidde FX addressable system Elevator control hardware and programming example 10/16/2017
FX-1000 addressable system device addressing Addressing scheme for 250-point capable addressable circuits 10/16/2017
Laptop connections - Kidde FX addressable system Communication options for laptop computer to addressable systems 10/16/2017
FX addressable panels: device internal fault restoration issue Actions necessary to address device internal fault issue 10/16/2017