Engineered Systems – FX Series


Name Description Last Updated
SAS-FW Small Analog (SAS) Application Code Firmware v4.11 05/10/2018
SDC-FW Small Analog (SAS) Loop Card Firmware V1.11 05/10/2018
FX-CU Configuration Utility V3.5 FX system programming utility V3.5 (released Nov 2013) 10/16/2017
FX-CU Release Notes V3.5 FX-CU V3.5 and FX panel firmware V2.3 software release notes 10/16/2017
FX-CU Configuration Utility V4.11 FX system programming utility V4.11 (released July 2017) 10/16/2017
FX-CU Release Notes V4.11 FX-CU V4.11 and FX panel firmware V4.1 software release notes 10/16/2017
FUU Firmware Update Utility V4.0 FX addressable panel firmware update utility (compatible with panels that have firmware versions 4.0 or later) 10/16/2017
FUU Firmware Update Utility Release Notes V4.0 FUU V4.0 software release notes 10/16/2017
Device Internal Fault Package Package to address FX addressable panel device internal restoration issue. Includes required V1.0 FUU firmware update utility, V2.31 application code, V4.1 FX-CU configuration utility, tech facts bulletin. 10/16/2017